S I M E Y .me

Simon Goellner

I'm a Creative Frontend Web Developer

I am not a code monkey…

This bizzle is my hobby, passion and livelihood and I put as much effort into it before I even touch a keyboard as I do when writing code. I enjoy thinking creatively about problems and developing solutions. The cooler the better!

I specialise in standards-compliant and responsive HTML, CSS and JS; mainly jQuery, I am also interested in Usability, Accessibility and UX Development.


I sometimes take photos with my Nikon 3100D and HTC One X, the good ones I upload to Flickr;

My Camera is a Nikon 3100D.
It has a 18-55mm VR Nikkor lens.


Occasionally I'll have something interesting to code up and share on GitHub.

UI Slider Pips

A plugin to extend the jQuery UI Slider control. This plugin adds "pips" to the slider for visual aid, as well as "labels" which the developer can customize.

jQuery Unorphanize

A small jQuery method for preventing orphans in text (unhindered by HTML).


I often have little sparks of inspiration and want to turn them into something virtual, and so I use Codepen to bring these badboys to life!